Home Renovation Projects

Surviving Home Renovation Projects

Surviving Home Renovation Projects

Is Your Family Prepared?

It’s time to have the new game room added to the house. The contractors are in place; the construction plans have been reviewed and approved. Everyone feels confident that the right contractor is on the job and can handle the full scope of the project. The entire family is excited because the long talked about renovation project is about to begin and in a few short months the new game room will be ready.

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Before the renovation/construction project begins, there are a few things every family should take into consideration:

Know the project’s timeline and scope : Construction/renovation projects disrupt the normal flow of the household. It is important that everyone including the little ones be involved in understanding the scope of the renovation project. The entire family will have to decide how to live through the constant noise of banging, hammering, sawing, drilling and the never-ending production of dust. Everyone has to realize that contractors will be traipsing through the house at all times of the day. Being aware of the timeline and the scope of the project will make it easier for everyone to endure.

Make flexibility the mantra: In order to survive a construction project everyone has to be flexible. There may be times when there is no hot water or the electricity may be turned off (that means no video games for the kids and possibly no before work shower for Mom and Dad). The whole family will be undergoing a trying situation. However, if everyone is forewarned and flexible, it will be a lot easier to live through (the tree limb that bends in the storm will survive to live through yet another storm; a rigid, inflexible branch snaps off and dies).

Have a backup plan: Walk through the renovation/construction process with the family and have each family member mentally envision the process. Think of all the possible inconveniences that might occur. If hot water is a problem for showering, plan B will be to use the shower at the gym. If the electricity goes out, dinner will be from the local restaurant. A backup plan is a short-term solution to the unexpected inconveniences that may crop up. It’s better to be prepared than surprised.

Reinforce the vision: “Where there is no vision, the people perish..” Proverbs 29:18. Imagine what the room will look like when it’s done. Have the whole family sit down and talk about what they will do with this new wonderful game room once it’s completed. Keeping the vision in mind will help the family remain flexible and better able to endure the temporary hardships that are guaranteed to occur during a construction/renovation process.

Keep everyone updated at the latest developments: If there’s going to be a delay or change in the project, everyone in the family should know about it. No surprises.

No doubt undergoing a house renovation can be trying, but having the family prepared and on board can make it tolerable. Communication and pre-planning is key to surviving a home renovation/construction project.

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