How to Get Rid of Squirrel from the Gutters

How to Get Rid of Squirrel from the Gutters

  I love squirrels. They are cute little animals and when you see them from a distance, bouncing from one branch to another and chasing after each other, you can’t imagine they can make your gutters their residence. They can damage your gutters, make them loose, and can even make them fall off. Therefore, you must get a way of chasing them away from your gutters and discourage them from coming back.

One of the ways of discouraging squirrels from residing in your gutters is by providing them with somewhere to stay.


Note that squirrels can stay in your gutters just because they have no safe place to stay.

Consider planting trees and shrubs as these provide safe habitat for the squirrels. Shrubs are usually small and will have no harm to your house and so you can plant them near the house. But you should plant the trees away from the house because their roots can interfere with the foundation especially when the trees grow.

Squirrels don’t love smelly places. Therefore, you can put predator urine along the gutters and around the spouts. To do so, soak rags in water mixed with urine and place them along the gutters (not inside). You can also place them in areas where the squirrels climb onto the gutters.

Here are other tips of eliminating squirrels from your gutters.

  • Remove all the debris that squirrels use to nest in your gutters. To do so, use hose to wash away twigs, leaves, and other debris. Remember to clean the downspouts as well.
  • Trim all the branches that are near your house as squirrels may use such branches to access your gutter system.
  • Consider covering your downspout holes using wire mesh to stop squirrels from using such holes. After all, these little devils love holes.
  • If your gutters have no gutter guards, you can add a wire mesh on top. This will ensure that the squirrels can’t access your gutters.

If the squirrel in your gutters has a nest with babies, don’t kill or disturb these little angels. Don’t attempt to harm them because the mother might be overprotective and attack you. Instead, wait until they grow and then chase them away together with their mother.

Gutter cleaning isn’t just about removing leaves and other debris. Removing animals that stay in gutters such as squirrels is also                                                                                                 part of gutter cleaning.

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