C – Choking Hazards Store office supplies such as paper clips and rubber bands in locked drawers or out-of-reach cabinets. Keep your desk free of clutter. Loose change and pen caps can easily find their way into tiny hands and mouths. Even paper scraps can cause choking, so keep your trash covered and your floor clean. H – Hanging Objects Window, phone, and lamp cords should be looped together well above your child’s reach. All of these are strangling hazards – as are power cords, which will be discussed further in the “electronics” section. I – Ingestible Substances Keep ink cartridges and toner outRead More →

Well, there’s more to coffee that just morning companion… Great read! Coffee is usually just something we reach for in the morning (and sometimes throughout the day.) But there are so many more uses for the magical bean. From helping grow a better garden to scouring pots and pans, there’s a whole lot coffee can do. Here are 15 ways to use coffee for more than a caffeine kick. Garden Deterrent: The acidity and strong scent of coffee makes it a great deterrent in the garden. The acidity will keep slugs and snails out, while pairing coffee with some orange peels can overload the olfactoryRead More →

Knowing the Difference Between Good and Bad House Odor is Key The best house flipping properties are those that smell the worst, emit odors that make the eyes water and make it nearly impossible to walk through the property without getting ill. Many novice and first-time flippers will steer clear of properties that are odorous but in most cases, these are the homes that require the least amount of work and will realize the largest profit. An extremely foul odor can devalue a property by as much as 25% and obviously, a non-investor is not going to consider moving their family into a property thatRead More →