It is an inevitable fact of life–sofas get dirty. Chip crumbs find their ways into the cracks, drinks get spilled, and pets track mud all over the surface of these sturdy pieces of furniture. Luckily, cleaning a sofa is relatively easy–all you need is a bit of time and some great cleaning supplies. Vacuum up large particles. Before getting into the deep-cleaning, you want to remove any surface debris or particles from the surface of the sofa. Use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a full-sized vacuum cleaner to clear the sofa. Use the long, narrow attachment to get into the crevices. Vacuum allRead More →

  C – Choking Hazards Store office supplies such as paper clips and rubber bands in locked drawers or out-of-reach cabinets. Keep your desk free of clutter. Loose change and pen caps can easily find their way into tiny hands and mouths. Even paper scraps can cause choking, so keep your trash covered and your floor clean. H – Hanging Objects Window, phone, and lamp cords should be looped together well above your child’s reach. All of these are strangling hazards – as are power cords, which will be discussed further in the “electronics” section. I – Ingestible Substances Keep ink cartridges and toner outRead More →

Specific Prep, Primer and Paint Steps for Various Conditions The exterior of a house takes a lot of abuse. It is pelted with rain, frozen by snow, sleet and ice, and baked with the hot sun. Exterior wood portions of the house, such as clapboard siding, trim and window sills, require protection from the elements. When the surface is prepared properly and thorough consideration is given to the kind and quality of paint that is to be applied, the reward will be a long-lasting quality appearance. New and Old Surfaces For new wood surfaces that have not been previously painted, coat the exterior with aRead More →

  I love squirrels. They are cute little animals and when you see them from a distance, bouncing from one branch to another and chasing after each other, you can’t imagine they can make your gutters their residence. They can damage your gutters, make them loose, and can even make them fall off. Therefore, you must get a way of chasing them away from your gutters and discourage them from coming back. One of the ways of discouraging squirrels from residing in your gutters is by providing them with somewhere to stay.   Note that squirrels can stay in your gutters just because they have noRead More →